Tabou DaBomb 2024


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Tabou DaBomb 2024

Da Bomb


The Da Bomb excels in optimal conditions, and it truly shines when the wind shifts onshore, creating less-than-ideal wave conditions.

Our R&D team have invested significant effort in enhancing the Da Bomb’s waveriding capabilities without sacrificing drive and planing performance, ensuring you can navigate through shore breaks and catch numerous waves.

Drawing inspiration from the larger Da Curve models, we’ve incorporated a refined tail outline, enhancing the Da Bomb’s agility and versatility. To boost control during turns, we’ve introduced an asymmetrical concave, allowing you to effortlessly and swiftly adjust your turn radius whenever needed.

This feature proves invaluable when tackling the critical sections of unruly beach breaks. While maintaining the renowned planing capabilities that the Da Bomb is celebrated for, we’ve opted for a slightly more taut rocker with less kick. This design ensures that no wave goes unridden, and it empowers you to execute impressive aerial maneuvers.

The Da Bomb’s unmatched versatility, exceptional drive, and heightened maneuverability enable you to savor your waveriding sessions at any location and in all conditions.

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