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2018 TABOU 3S LTD 2018

2018 TABOU 3S LTD 2018


Volume      Length      Width      Weight                Sails Size

86                  220              59.5                                3.7 - 6.1

96                   224              61                                   4.2 - 6.6

106                 225             64.5                                4.5 - 7.0

116                  226             66                                    4.7 - 7.4


2018 TABOU 3S LTD 2018

A compact freewave board for new-school windsurfers who want to have one board for
freeriding, wave sailing, freestyling, and bump-n-jumping.

A full quiver in just one board, the 3S is a board to ride in all sea conditions, similar to the
all-mountain ski in skiing. The 3S planes fast and easily like a freerider but is
maneuverable enough to carve in the waves and to try freestyle tricks.
In 2017, we introduced the new compact 3S. The shorter outline makes turning much
easier and therefore allowed us to use a straighter rocker, which makes a faster board.
The shorter shape also fits better in small cars and boardbags.
The 3S uses a double step tail cutout to increase both speed and maneuverability. In a
straight line, the cutouts have less wetted surface area and therefore less drag and a
higher top speed. On the rail, the cutouts act like kick tail so that the board turns in a
much tighter radius.


  • Compact shape with a cut nose and tail for better control, tighter turns, and easier storage off the water
  • Less tail kick to get planing sooner
  • Double concave in the nose to feel soft through chop
  • Stepped cut-outs for more acceleration, a higher top speed, and more maneuverability
  • Full rail and flat deck combination for stability and control



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