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PLKB Wing Pump 2.3L

PLKB Wing Pump 2.3L


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PLKB Wing Pump 2.3L – Ideal for kites and inflating WINGs.

PLKB Kite / Wing Pump 2.3L – you can switch the pump from double action (2x2300cc) to single action. Pressure up to 896mbar (13 psi).

The pump offers 2 setting for easy inflation of your kite. Setting one is a double action (2 x 2300cc), which inflates your kite or wing fast up to 8PSI. To go that extra mile, reduce the effort needed to keep pumping at higher pressure, this way you can easily pump to the max which in turn increases the performance of the kite. By switching to a single action you can pump effortless up to 13PSI.

The pump has comfortable grips and requires a lot less effort and it is suitable for kites of all sizes. The pump also features a pressure gauge and kite leash to attach your kite to.

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