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The Windsurf Foil Hybrid brings all windsurfers into the air, creating an easy transition between windsurfing and windfoiling, but also offering lots of speed and performance in all conditions.


If you are just about to start off in windfoiling or look for an allround performer that brings joy in every discipline, the Hybrid is the go-to-foil.

This foil makes it easy and fun for everybody to make his first experiences in foiling, while never limiting your riding with its impressive performance and speed potential. A slightly shorter mast and a frontwing with a medium large surface offer stability and lift to bring you up in the air without too much effort. No matter, if you want to go for an easy light-wind cruise, for top speed high performance, if you are a beginner or advanced rider, the Hybrid is the exceptional foil that matches everybody perfectly. It is well suited to smaller sail sizes and bigger windsurfing freeride and freerace boards, which allows you to enjoy the feeling of windfoiling by just adding the Windsurf Foil Hybrid to your quiver.

The strong but still light Aluminium construction offers the perfect balance between durability and stiffness as well as cost efficiency. A sophisticated design and materials of the highest quality form an allround foil that is built to bring smiles to every foil windsurfer‘s face.

Hybrid – 80

Mast Height
800 mm

Fuselage Length
846 mm

Front Wing Span
713 mm

Back Wing Span
442 mm


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