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Loftsails Racingblade 2023


6.6, 7.4 & 8.2 – ONLY

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Loftsails Racingblade 2023


Racingblade continues to spearhead evolution of the Loftsails racing program.

Lightning acceleration, blistering speed, and rider control are what really count on the fin racing course.

Previous seasons saw significant improvements to the core design through higher aspect-ratios, reshaped luff curves, and profile-depth adjustments. These changes improved acceleration, reduced rider fatigue, and made the sails feel lighter in the hands.

2023 development continued to focus on further improvement of these key design parameters.

The upper part of the sail is slightly narrower. Luff curves are adjusted to generate a crisper, stiffer sail with a more direct feel. Acceleration is also further improved, and cam rotation is smoother and quicker.

To facilitate top end control, the sail profile in the back section is reduced. Increased forward drive helps to keeps the board level through chop and violent gusts.

A straight-trimmed leech with a tighter middle section encourages a smoother release, and permits a greater trim range. The wind band of each sail is broader than ever.

The increase in effective wind range has enabled the size-gap between sails to be expanded, resulting in one fewer sail in the line-up.

All Loftsails designs are built to last, and Racingblade is no exception. Construction features include x-ply panels for the central window, leech and foot; and bi-ply top panels for extreme UV-resistance.

A unique construction of the low-drag mast pocket achieves efficient airflow. Each of its three layers are tensioned by the tack-pulley webbing, thus inducing a clean and firm leading edge. To enhance longevity of the sail, a 2-mil quad axial x-ply reinforces the luff. This lightweight material does not have a folding memory, which helps to keep the luff in optimum condition.

Additionally, all camber inducer contact points use Metallic Cam Interfaces to prevent material degradation over time.

In 2023, Racingblade remains an uncompromising slalom design that will give seasons of service.

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