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Medium = 175cm x 80cm, boards 80-100ltr

Introducing the Foil Board Company Wing Foil Travel Bag V2 – Unleash your journey with unmatched versatility and light weight design.

Elevate your wing foiling adventures to new heights with the V2 of our Wing Foiling Travel Bag. Building on the success of our V1 Wing Travel Bag we have taken versatility to another level by incorporating a cutting edge, lightweight, and adaptable wheel option.

Thanks to its undisputedly robust 1680D nylon exterior and 10mm foam approved for travel, you can have peace of mind knowing that your valuable gear will remain in pristine condition. The FBC Wing Foil Travel Bag is more than just a product; it is a masterpiece crafted with careful attention to detail to complement your active lifestyle. Additionally, its capacious design can accommodate multiple pieces of equipment with ease, leaving you with more time to relax and enjoy your travels.

Don’t hesitate any longer and acquire your FBC Wing Foil Travel Bag today – it is simply a necessity for all foilers and adventurers alike.

Key Features:

Retained Versatility: We understand the importance of the internal/external design that made the V1 so popular. With the V2, we’ve retained this amazing versatility, ensuring that you can pack and access your gear with unparalleled ease.

Innovative lightweight design: Traditionally, travel bags with wheels come with a bulky, moulded plastic tray in the base, adding unnecessary weight (in some cases over 4.5kg!). The FBC V2 travel bag breaks away from this convention. Our design goal was clear – maintain the lightweight aspects of the V1 while introducing a game changing feature.

Removable trolley for the maximum efficiency:The V2 introduces a sleek and lightweight trolley pouch ergonomically positioned on the bag’s underside. When you’re checking in, simply slide the compact trolley into the bottom sleeve, velcro it at the top, and transform your bag into a roller bag effortlessly.

Instant Weight Efficiency: Worried about baggage fees? We’ve got it covered! The removable trolley is designed for quick removal. When you reach the check-in counter, take it off, fold it up, and instantly optimise your bag for maximum weight efficiency. Don’t pay for pointless weight – bring the gear you need for an epic wing foiling trip!

Streamlined Travel Experience: The V2 is not just a travel bag; it’s a travel companion that enhances your overall experience. Navigate airports, beaches, and destinations with ease, knowing that your gear is not only protected but also accompanied by a bag designed for the modern wing foiler.

Unleash your journey with the wing foiling travel bag V2from the Foil Board Company. Where innovation meets practicality, and where lightweight design meets unbeatable versatility. Don’t just travel; travel with purpose, efficiency, and style.

Order your Wing Foiling Travel Bag V2 now and redefine the way you explore the world with your wing foiling gear. Your journey awaits – make it legendary with Foil Board Company.


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