Unifiber iSup Electrical Pump 12V


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Unifiber iSup Electrical Pump 12V car plug fitting

Now supplied with multiple adapters to fit many inflatable products

We have tested this pump versus a well known brand costing <£50>, our opinion – IT IS FAR SUPERIOR and WELL WORTH THE ADDITIONAL COST.

Safe energy for the paddling and other water sports. With the Unifiber iSup Electrical Pump 12V inflate any inflatable SUP in a short time up to 20 PSI.

Just choose the desired pressure and the pump will automatically stop when it is reached. If the SUP is partially inflated, don’t worry, set the required PSI and leave it to the pump to sort out.

Key features;

    • Max pressure 20 PSI
    • Dual stage pump: 1. Extra fast pumping at low pressure; 2. Normal speed to reach high pressure.
    • Automatic stop when selected pressure is reached
    • Inflates a 10’7″ iSUP board in 4mins 30s to 10 PSI, in 8mins 30s to 15 PSI

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