K4 Fins Leon Rear Fins Super Stiff

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K4 Fins Leon Rear Fins Super Stiff


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K4 Fins Leon Rear Fins Super Stiff

The Leon

Leon Jamaer’s small tip signature fin for speed and looseness is launching in two grades to suit different riding styles. The K4 classic dynamic flex black logo to match with K4’s unique grip and turn abilities and for those with a need for something stiffer and a faster release, the red logo fins made from our new stiffer material.

K4’s classic dynamic black logo material gives flex that works with the power you’re putting in allowing you to drive hard and fast. Its ability to flex and spring back to its original shape means crazy grip at extreme angles of attack and epic round house turns. You’ll also find it easier to crank back up hard at the critical section, then gouge or project off the lip

The Leon fin. Leon Jamaer’s signature fin. Super fast and loose.Ride like Leon!
Upright template gives better ‘pivot’ for in the pocket riding, small tip for speed, wide base for drive. Works well for all fin configurations and in all conditions. Available in two constructions; Dynamic Flex for the classic K4 loose and grippy feel, or Super Stiff for that G10 direct and responsive style.

Sold as singles for £29.95 each.



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