K4 Fins Scorcher

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K4 Fins Scorcher


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K4 Fins Scorcher – Sold as singles for £29.50 each.

The Scorcher

K4 are super pleased and proud to finally release the long anticipated K4 Scorcher. Work started  on this fin 2 years ago and the final product really is something very special. The Scorcher was used by three of the top 6 PWA 2018 finishers performing in everything from Tenerife to onshore Sylt. 
The Scorcher is available in these sizes 
– 14cm (US & SB)
– 15cm (US & SB)
– 16cm (US & SB)
– 17cm (US & SB)
– 18cm (US & SB)
– 20cm (US & SB)
– 22cm (US & SB)
The smaller 14 and 15cm sizes are aimed to be used as quads, 16 and 17cm are cross over tri/quad rears and 18cm+ Tri fin rears. Performance wise the Scorchers are using our Super stiff material which has allowed us to thin them down in the width, as well as rake the fin back. This means that the fin offers amazing grip and release as well as lightning speed. 






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1 review for K4 Fins Scorcher

  1. 4boards-admin

    How a USA customer gets on with his new Scorchers

    Last week I used my new 17cm (super stiff) Scorcher fins for the first time on my 104L Goya Custom Quad in light side-side on winds for 5.3 and overhead swell. I had 10cm 1degree Ezzy Assymm’s in the front.

    Simple put: they were amazing. They did everything better than the stubbies I’ve used for many years before. First thing I noticed: the fins are very light. Less weight is always better. Then on the water the first thing that came to mind was “silky smooth feeling”. It allowed me to plane up as soon as the stubbies if not earlier. I definitely went upwind better. This could be because I was on 17cm Scorcher vs 16cm Stubbies, but that 1cm shouldn’t make that much of a difference (I.e. I could not point all the way back in whereas with the stubbies I’d be landing halfway between the break downwind and the launch). The Scorcher had higher speed both in a straight line and on the wave. The fins allowed my bottom turns to be more precise, accurate and powerful. No hiccups or anything. Full control. Grip in the cut backs was phenomenal. The drive of the fin helped stay on speed and on course on the wave.

    So yeah overall I am a very happy camper and I can’t wait to try out the smaller sizes as well.

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