Unifiber G10 Freeride Trim Box

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Unifiber G10 Freeride Trim Box


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Unifiber G10 Freeride Trim Box

Please note; the image is not a trimbox, the product is supplied with a Trimbox head for old BIC and  Fanatic boards. It is also ideal for use as a practice or general purpose fin for the BIC TECHNO 293 ONE DESIGN

Fits all BIC and (older) Fanatic boards that utilise the TRIM BOX system.

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Available to order  in:  30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44 & 46cm.

Description Discipline Fin Area Sleeve
Freeride G10 30 cm Trim Box Freeride 294 cm2 Yes 0.553 kg
Freeride G10 32 cm Trim Box Freeride 312 cm2 Yes 0.553 kg
Freeride G10 34 cm Trim Box Freeride 318 cm2 Yes 0.594 kg
Freeride G10 36 cm Trim Box Freeride 340 cm2 Yes 0.629 kg
Freeride G10 38 cm Trim Box Freeride 365 cm2 Yes 0.652 kg
Freeride G10 40 cm Trim Box Freeride 366 cm2 Yes 0.67 kg
Freeride G10 42 cm Trim Box Freeride 387 cm2 Yes 0.716 kg
Freeride G10 44 cm Trim Box Freeride 411 cm2 Yes 0.745 kg
Freeride G10 46 cm Trim Box Freeride 435 cm2 Yes 0.78 kg


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