LoftSails Purelip 2024/25


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LoftSails Purelip 2024/25

LoftSails Purelip 2024/25


With over 20 years of continuous development, Purelip has become the epitome of uncompromising wave design. It thrives in challenging conditions, delivering outstanding performance in waves, bump blasting, and big days.

Stability in the upper wind range and ease of use are defining features of Purelip. Sizes above 3.7 are constructed with a 5-batten layout, providing enhanced stability. Dual stabilizing tendons extend from the clew across the center panel, ensuring the maintenance of the profile and forward drive even when hit by strong gusts.

Loftsail designs are renowned for their wide trimming range and trim reactivity, and Purelip is no exception. It allows for a greater trim range and a broader wind spectrum. To sustain the claim, all sizes additionally feature two clew eyelets and three micro battens, enabling leech silence even with a firm trim at the upper end.

The Purelip range is built to withstand the harsh conditions of nuking Tarifa winds. Loftsails commit to high-grade materials and innovative features to ensure the sail’s longevity and survivability. All sizes in the Purelip range are fully xply and incorporate the Integrated Panels (IPC). These integrated panels, with head, tack, and clew overlaps, enhance the sail’s durability and strength.

While tube battens offer superior stiffness, they are not suitable for crashing waves. Loftsails addresses this issue by extensively incorporating its Standing Batten technology in Purelip and other wave designs. These standing battens provide similar stiffness and reflex while being more resilient to wave impact.

From the abrasion-resistant mast pad to the batten tensioner patches, the entire Purelip layout is equipped with multiple PVC protectors strategically placed to safeguard the sail from wear and tear.

From its top-end stability to reliability to ultimate bump & jump performance in demanding conditions, the Purelip is simply epic.


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